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Information & History    

by AlexJoyce

Despite the close of Star Wars Galaxies, Galactic Freedom Alliance still lives on; whether existing on another plane, or its values players still embody while playing other games.

GFA is present in the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Brethren and alumni are also active in SWGemu.

Everyone are equals here: whether a longtime veteran, newcomer, or even refugee.  We have no restrictions based on gender, species, or profession.  Factional requirement are in accordance to GFA's coda: such as Republic, Jedi, or Rebellion alignment [against the Sith or Galactic Empire] - or neutral, non-combat profession.  GFA strives to improve the entire galaxy, rather than exist as a closed-off community.  We align with a number of other guilds; offering help and support for one another in many ways.  Our alliances are extended family, and we all network to make worlds a better place: ensuring peace and freedom in the process.

Would you like to learn more, or become an ally?  Look for anyone with a GFA tag, or contact any of the names above.  Perks include parties; social activities; hunting; battle support.  You max find yourself home without even realizing it.


GFA originated within the Starsider galaxy of Star Wars Galaxies
: forged with a unique structure.  Led by a Triune, the entire player association having a say in all decision making. When the Starsider galaxy terminated, our Triune consisted of Cristophe Waeznor, Jivaro Qel-Jairus, and Gotrec Dloato.

GFA made home within Solaria, Rori.  Swofe was the most widely-known mayor in its "classic" era; responsible for many elements remaining in the class-5 player city until SWG's end.  Solaria went through through many changes, and faced numerous challenges including waterlogged terrain and housing limitations, but it was home.  Jivaro Qel-Jairus had the distinction of not only being the mayor of Solaria's second major era, but also held office in this metropolis longest.  Working to make a positive influence for Solaria and GFA, he also became an ambassador for the Rebel Alliance and Starsider.

Kalidor Squadron is an elite space program led by Cristophe and Gotrec.  It had many names, but was always a labor of love until the close of SWG.  Hopefully an opportunity to resurrect the flight wing shall arise...

GFA Announcements    
GuildPortal is STILL GFA's home base
By Jivaro1138, Feb 8, 13 1:32 PM

It's been dormant, but I still use this host for keeping people in touch and informed.  There was a bit of cleaning done on my part, and here's what's new:

Forum>Beyond SWG

At the top of the forum listings is a new section; with threads concerning Read More

The End of SWG
By Vampyr_Kindred, Jun 24, 11 10:27 PM

For those that don't have email activated with SOE, I just received an email from SOE with Important Information naming Dec 15, 2011 as the official last day of SWG.

Solaria's New, Official, Web Page
By Vampyr_Kindred, Feb 14, 10 2:31 PM

Solaria, Rori Official Web Page

In an effort to show the separation of guilds from the cities they live in, Jivaro has started a web page just for Solaria, Rori.  Solaria is currently the home for GFA and many in ASF along with sev... Read More

SW:TOR link for Starsider folks
By Vampyr_Kindred, Feb 14, 10 12:36 PM

Thought I would forward this link on the outside world.  Cristophe forwarded it in game so it's just a follow-up.  For those looking at SW:TOR, but also wanting to keep up with the Starsider Community, this is for you.

... Read More


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